Paw Paw Bear Painting has been providing quality workmanship with a friendly mentality since early 2005.

Paw Paw Bear Painting and Home Repair in Vernon | Owner Leroy Edwards

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Paw Paw Bear Painting and Home Repair

Paw Paw Bear Painting and Home Repair specializes in painting, home repair, maintenance and small renovations. Started by Leroy Edwards in Vernon, B.C. it has been providing quality services since early 2005.

Leroy was born in the small town of Turtleford, Saskatchewan. As a teenager Leroy’s family moved to Vernon, B.C. where he brought with him both the small town friendly mentality and a belief in always doing the best work. In 2005 Leroy decided to follow his passion for home repair and painting and started Paw Paw Bear Painting.

Leroy is passionate about his work and is determined that you will not only like what he has done for you but that you will LOVE it. He values quality workmanship and uses only the best supplies and materials. He will always do his best work and not stop until you are satisfied.


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